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Billionaire Bankster

Breaks into Obama’s Cabinet

By Greg Palast

via Billionaire Bankster Penny Pritzker Breaks into Obama’s Cabinet.



Here are the sources Jay referenced in our discussion on Chavez

Pro Chavez

Critical of Chavez

One is a hard-core revolutionary hip-hop artist and the other a conspiracy “nut” right?
NO! listen to this and tell me it’s not way more sophisticated and scholarly than anything you you get on mainstream media.

Empires are always dependent on violent repression and this is not a revelation; but the specifics are new to me.

… and a pretty mediocre blaxploitation flick too.

Tarantino can be fun but I’m tired of all the “genius” BS… what’s the word for it… ah yes: He’s aeight ;)

Jay Gordon (our guest for the 2x1hr racism shows last week) told me to watch this banned movie (in the US the government doesn’t do the censorship, media corporations do) so I’m passing the tip along to you: