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The Tallahassee Police Department is under fire for using a nifty cell cite simulator device called a “Stingray” ( to track your cell calls, texts, and location! Better yet, TPD claimed they didn’t get warrants for these searches (at least 200 since 2010) because it would’ve violated a non-disclosure agreement they had with Harris-Corp., the multi-billion dollar technology company that loaned them the device.

So non-disclosure agreements with corporations regarding illegal police spying technology are more important than the U.S. Constitution?

The ACLU doesn’t think so, and they’re on the case:

Click to access 140227%20Tallahassee%20PD%20Records%20Request.pdf

More court documents:

Click to access 140226%20ACLU’s%20Motion%20for%20Public%20Access%20(ECF)%20FILED.pdf