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Anheuser-Busch and distributors have basically paid their good ol’ boy Republican lackeys in the Florida legislature to tack on attachments to a bill that will legalize 64 oz growlers. The problem is these attachments include regulations on small brewery tap and tasting rooms. These regulations will hurt industry growth and small businesses trying to expand, and some brewers fear that it might even put some smaller operations out of business. So much for deregulation and pro-business Republicans.

Why don’t we just be real and recognize that pro-business means “pro-big business?”

If you live in Florida and you’d like to try and make a difference, please go to the two links below! Find your state senator and representative and tell him or her that you’re pro-64 oz growlers and that you’re sick of government putting their sticky little fingers in your beers!

The Tallahassee Police Department is under fire for using a nifty cell cite simulator device called a “Stingray” ( to track your cell calls, texts, and location! Better yet, TPD claimed they didn’t get warrants for these searches (at least 200 since 2010) because it would’ve violated a non-disclosure agreement they had with Harris-Corp., the multi-billion dollar technology company that loaned them the device.

So non-disclosure agreements with corporations regarding illegal police spying technology are more important than the U.S. Constitution?

The ACLU doesn’t think so, and they’re on the case:

Click to access 140227%20Tallahassee%20PD%20Records%20Request.pdf

More court documents:

Click to access 140226%20ACLU’s%20Motion%20for%20Public%20Access%20(ECF)%20FILED.pdf