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Violence against women in America’s backyard, from Amanda Berry to U.S. Military | Reel Girl.

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(1) AlJazeeraEnglish–The Stream: The “N” word

(2) Dr. Cornel West in a speech commemorating 40 years since the NY Attica prison massacre: “Niggerization of America”

(3) George Galloway interviews Ishmael Reed on Huckleberry Finn censorship

(4) Richard Pryor talks about his impressions from visiting Africa…

(5) Paul Mooney’s trenchant analytic comedy :D



Brandon Calamaras and Corey Carroll will join us. I’ve had many discussions about this with these 2 and regularly use some video games and video-game culture elements (for grading systems) in my classes. I have a lot to say but hopefully will have the decency to shut up and let my guests speak too ;)

STFU! I’ve been playing since Star Trek on an IBM 360 mainframe with printer in 1976! With a break to get my PhD (UNC Chapel Hill), I’ve been keeping up and am now a wise old man of gaming n00b. But just in case I have Brandon and Corey to lower the average age.