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This is excellent from the start but the ending is truly brilliant ROFLMAO (and grabbing my nuts too)

Salvadoran Woman Has Been Denied A Life-Saving Abortion Even Though Her Fetus Is Missing Its Brain | ThinkProgress.

The abortion debate is even more cynical than most naive moralistic rhetoric and a relatively modern phenomena since women have had access to different kinds of birth control including abortion for millenia. Women have been denied their reproductive rights so that they can be enslaved by elites–in European history the Inquisition and it’s genocide of the witches and the destruction of medical knowledge was key.

I fully empathize with many people’s strong emotions about life but they are sadly being manipulated in this case. I truly hope my words are not taken as insensitive trolling and am happy to engage in more detailed discussion about this painful ethical dilemma.

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We spent the hour with Viki Nantz (The Uterati, Fighting Back in the War on Women, 2012)

Here most recent film:

The Uterati, Fighting Back in the War on Women
In 2011 A.D., the word uterus was banned from the Florida House of Representatives, even as GOP members in that room were voting to regulate all uteruses across the state via 18 anti-choice bills.  As these extremists and their national leaders continue their war to limit access to contraception, women’s health care clinics, comprehensive sex education and abortion services, the Uterati are fighting mad and are fighting back!  Join Susannah Randolph, Sue Idtensohn, Sally Blackmun, Jenna Tosh, Martha Haynie and Joyce Hamilton Henry as they stand up against the GOP’s war on women, and stand up for the full emancipation of women everywhere.  Also featuring Rev. Bryan Fulwider, Joe Saunders, Shirley Jantzen, Pat Scully, Ida Eskamani, Alexa Nelen and and many others.
(NTSC / 51 minutes / 2012)
 Produced & Directed by Vicki Nantz