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Koch Power is not the name of a company.  It is the oligopolistic power wielded by the Koch brothers over the Minnesota retail gasoline market. On May 16, 2013, they exercised that power to raise the price of retail gasoline by 40 cents a gallon overnight. But that story, like all stories involving the Kochs, does not end there.  Below the fold you will read a story that could easily be titled House of Cards: Minnesota.

Cutting pay to congressmen seems like a good idea but it’s another lose-lose situation that will only make the bastards stronger.

Sure it’s cute but purely symbolic and, yet again, distracting from the real deal with small “feel-good” victories. The bastards are all rich and their handlers (such as the Koch bros) would be happy to fill any puny pay gap. This will make the tea-baggers look good as they heroically fight their little jihad proving how noble they truly are.



Well talk about the environmental catastrophe depending upon us but also surely go on multiple tangents and idiosyncrasies as usual.
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