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Koch Power is not the name of a company.  It is the oligopolistic power wielded by the Koch brothers over the Minnesota retail gasoline market. On May 16, 2013, they exercised that power to raise the price of retail gasoline by 40 cents a gallon overnight. But that story, like all stories involving the Kochs, does not end there.  Below the fold you will read a story that could easily be titled House of Cards: Minnesota.

Greg Wilpert ( on The Real News about the economic problems in Venezuela:

Part (2/2): Why is Inflation So High in Venezuela?
Attempting to build socialism surrounded by a global capitalist economy and being reliant on oil revenues, Venezuela is struggling to find a solution to capital flight and exchange rate problems.

Previously posted but here it is again:

Part (1/2)Venezuela Protests Reveal Rivalry in Opposition Leadership
High inflation and shortages trigger a protest movement that splits opposition camp.