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(1) AlJazeeraEnglish–The Stream: The “N” word

(2) Dr. Cornel West in a speech commemorating 40 years since the NY Attica prison massacre: “Niggerization of America”

(3) George Galloway interviews Ishmael Reed on Huckleberry Finn censorship

(4) Richard Pryor talks about his impressions from visiting Africa…

(5) Paul Mooney’s trenchant analytic comedy :D



Chris and Corey are coming. Hope to clarify the complexities and be entertaining and informative.

BTW we have an afirmative action policy for right-wingers and conservatives to come on the show.

Are you one of those rare birds? Lol


Brandon Calamaras and Corey Carroll will join us. I’ve had many discussions about this with these 2 and regularly use some video games and video-game culture elements (for grading systems) in my classes. I have a lot to say but hopefully will have the decency to shut up and let my guests speak too ;)

With Chris Garlock talking about negative interest rates and how cutting budgets makes no sense at this time.


Show #16 (2013-1-18)

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Corey Carroll came to talk with us about gun control